Drone Standards Information Portal

The AW-Drones project supports the ongoing EU drone regulatory process, contributing to the harmonization of EU drone regulation and standards. In order to do so, the project has collected technical standards, rules and procedures that have already been developed for the commercial use of drones worldwide. Then, it critically assessed their compliance to existing and foreseen regulations. This lead to the identification of a set of best practices, gaps and bottlenecks, as complete as possible, for the safe use of civilian drones in the EU.

The Drones Standards Information Portal is a powerful tool displaying, in an easily accessible fashion, the technical standards already published or under development for the commercial use of drones worldwide that the project has collected and assessed against existing and foreseen regulations. Moreover, it contains information on standards’ maturity level, coverage of regulation, and identified gaps.

This web-based tool facilitates the risk assessment and the mitigation implementation for drone operators. Ultimately, AW-Drones will indicate which standards constitute Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) to one or more regulatory requirements. For instance, it will effectively aid UAS operators by identifying all the standards applicable to every SORA requirement.

Portal Target Group

  • Drone operators
  • Drone manufacturers
  • Qualified entities
  • Notified bodies
  • Regulatory consultants
  • National aviation authorities
  • EASA
  • European Commission
  • Standards producing organisations