About the AW-Drones open repository

The AW-Drones open repository is an online platform that provides single point of access to relevant information about:

  1. rules, procedures and technical standards developed for civilian drones;
  2. best practices, gaps and bottlenecks;
  3. technical standards for each category of drone operations;

The first objective of the platform is to support the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Commission (EC) in their rulemaking process for the definition of rules, technical standards and procedures for civilian drones.

The open repository is also to become a relevant drone-focused informative tool where experts can easily identify relevant information and contribute to the extension of the standards database.

From a technical point of view, the AW-Drones online repository is a web-based software application that brings together various data sources to make them available to stakeholders. AW- Drones open repository provides free, immediate and permanent access to data for anyone to use, download and distribute.

AWhen the users access the repository, they are able to easily find and display hundreds of global drone standards. In addition to a live search, that gives access to the description of a certain standard by searching for its title, the repository provides advanced search functionalities like, among the other:

  1. search standards by keyword (e.g. “geo-awareness” or “parachute”);
  2. search standards by related regulatory requirement (e.g. “all the standards related to SORA OSO 19”)

For each standard, the user will be able to find important information, like type of standard, status (published, on-going, recognized by EASA etc.), organization and working group that produced the standard, coverage of SORA OSOs (if any) together with its description. The repository is updated periodically to reflect the new available information about standards and regulations. It cannot be guaranteed that the provided information are complete and correct, so the user is the sole responsible for the use of the information. Note: the repository will not include the full-text of the standards.

The open repository is provided globally and in English language.

This repository have been developed by the AW-Drones project, that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 824292.