Satellite Network Modem System (SNMS) General Requirements


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Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA)


TIA-1073 is a multi-part standard that when taken in total, defines the requirements for a Satellite Network Modem System using Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and Multi-Frequency Time Division Multiple Access (MF-TDMA) signaling. The Satellite Network Modem System (SNMS) standard defines the technical requirements for meeting the functional capabilities described in TIA/EIA-157 [1]. This SNMS standard defines the requirements for Hub-Spoke as well as Mesh satellite network topologies operating over transponded/transparent satellite systems. As stated previously, TIA-1073 is a multi-part standard. The collection of parts making up this revision of TIA-1073 is depicted below in Figure 1. The present document, SNMS General Requirements (TIA-1073.000), provides the general requirements necessary to achieve SNMS interoperability for hub-spoke and mesh network topologies. The general requirements that shall be met by the SNMS reference publications that were developed by European Telecommunications Standards Institute ETSI for Digital Video Broadcast (DVB). These referenced publications are freely available at http://www.etsi.org. Specifically, the SNMS shall fully meet the DVB-RCS and DVB-S2 requirements in ETSI EN 301 790 and ETSI EN 302 307 [2, 3] unless otherwise specified by this document. In addition, the general requirements specify modifications to, additions to, and/or deletions to the specifications in [2, 3], and other requirements necessary to provide the capabilities described in TIA/EIA-157. These modifications use the same paragraph number system as in the reference documents. Enhanced upper level networking interoperability requirements and encryption requirements are under development as other parts of this standard. The upper level networking requirements for SNMS are under development and will be provided by the SNMS Network Layer Protocols (TIA-1073.001). The enhanced encryption requirements for SNMS are under development and will be provided by the SNMS Encryption Requirements (TIA-1073.002).


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